How to remove google calendar’s desktop notifications

Google Calendar’s default desktop notifications can be quite intrusive and interrupt any tasks you were doing, follow this to find out how to change this.

By default Google Calendar uses popups as notifications. Popups were never really designed to be used as notifications and whenever they are triggered it doesn’t matter what you are doing, Google Calendar will pop up.

Notifications in Google Calendar only occur while you have the page open in chrome but if you’re like me and like to leave the tab pinned there so you can check it easily, you can follow these steps to make the notifications less intrusive and stop the google calendar alerts on a desktop.

Disable Google Calendar Notifications

  1. First open your Google Chrome browser and head over to
  2. Once your Google Calendar is open you’ll find the settings button in the top right corner of the page, indicated by the cog icon, click the cog and then click settings in the menu.
  3. Now you will be taken to the Google Calendar settings page, find the section that says "Event Settings" below that heading you will see a dropdown labeled "Notifications" click in the dropdown box and select the setting you desire.
  4. If you enabled the setting, Google Chrome may prompt you to give Google Calendar permission to send you notifications, click Allow to continue
  5. Now you have successfully changed browser notifications and all future notifications will be displayed as follows

This type of notification is called a browser notification, these are notifications that are built into Google Chrome and are designed to be unobtrusive so you can continue what you were doing without being interrupted.

To go back to the old notifications simply go back into settings and uncheck the box in step three.


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