What is android?

What is Android? and what is an operating system?

If you’re searching for this course A Beginner’s Guide to Android then you probably already know what Android is, but just in case you don’t, Android is a mobile operating system. What this means is that it’s a piece of software that makes your phone operate how it does.

Android is the core system that provides the foundation for your phone to operate, it manages system resources and services such as battery usage and Wi-Fi connectivity, and it creates the visual interface or image that is displayed on your screen which changes based on your touch input.

Below are some practical use cases that show what the Android operating system allows you to do.

• Let’s your camera app communicate with the camera in your device
• Allows you to browse the internet through your phone’s Wi-Fi connection
• Allows you to change and save device settings such as the wallpaper on your screen
• Provides a platform that allows other people to build apps for

So in summary, the Android operating system takes care of all the fundamental functions of your device, it keeps your preferences, allows apps to access and use internal sensors, provides the interface on the screen that you can interact with, and also provides a platform for app developers to create mobile apps that you can download to your device.

Don’t worry if you don’t quite understand what this all means, this explanation is just background theory, once you get hands on with Android on your device you’ll get a better idea of what it all means.


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