Visiting unsafe sites in Google Chrome

Sometimes it's necessary to visit unsafe websites whether you are a web developer testing a site or resolving certificate issues, or you are just setting up SSL on your site and trying to get the certificates setup.

Google Chrome has a error page whenever you visit a page that doesn't have a valid SSL certificate, for everyday users this is a great safety measure, but sometimes we need to be able to bypass this warning to get a job done.

Google Chrome used to have a link in the advanced section of the following error message once you clicked Advanced, but that link is no longer available.

Your connection is private error message

Fortunately Google did keep a way to proceed to the site if you really need to.

Bypassing "Your connection is not private"

  1. Load the website you are trying to access that has a certificate issue.
  2. As soon as the error message "Your connection is not private" appears, type in thisisunsafe
  3. Google Chrome will recognise this secretive key combination and proceed to load the page.

Alternative method to bypass certificate errors

  1. There is an alternative method to tell Chrome to ignore certificate errors, I wouldn't recommend using this method because it will automatically ignore on all sites you visit, but is an alternative if you are doing a lot of testing.
  2. Right click on your desktop shortcut for Google Chrome and click Properties
  3. At the end of the path in the target field, type in the following string ignore-certificate-errors-
  4. Click ok
  5. Google Chrome should now ignore all SSL certificate errors.

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